Other Websites

Indiana tax sites

Indiana Department of Revenue: http://www.in.gov/dor/index.htm

Indiana Department of Local Government Finance: http://www.in.gov/dlgf/index.htm

Indiana Board of Tax Review: http://www.in.gov/ibtr/

Indiana Appellate Decisions (Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, Tax Court): http://www.in.gov/judiciary/2730.htm

Indiana Register (drill down on monthly collections to find Department of Revenue letters of finding): http://www.in.gov/legislative/iac/irtoc.htm

Colorado tax sites

Colorado Department of Revenue: http://www.colorado.gov/revenue

Illinois tax sites

Illinois Department of Revenue: http://www.revenue.state.il.us/#t=tab1

Iowa tax sites

Iowa Department of Revenue: http://www.iowa.gov/tax/index.html

Minnesota tax sites

Minnesota Department of Revenue: http://taxes.state.mn.us/Pages/index.aspx

Minnesota Tax Court: http://www.taxcourt.state.mn.us/