Medical Device Manufacturers “Taxed” By New FDA Listing Regulations?

My colleagues Suzanne M. O'Shea and Ryann E. Ricchio authored this update, which begins: The highly publicized Medical Device Excise Tax ("MDET"), a part of the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010, applies to sales of taxable medical devices beginning January 1, 2013. While much has been written … [Read more...]

The Sixth Circuit Affirms the Right to Refunds of FICA Tax on RIF Severance Pay

My partner Walter A. Pickhardt authored this update, which begins: Another chapter has been written in the long-running saga of whether Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) tax refunds are available for reduction-in-force (RIF) severance pay. The update can be viewed at … [Read more...]

No Interest in Indiana Tax Court Decision? Court holds that Department of Revenue owes no Interest on Estate’s $742,128.45 overpayment of Inheritance Tax.

It is sometimes said that only two things are certain – death and taxes.  An Indiana estate yesterday found that interest on a refund of death taxes is far from certain.  In Indiana Department of State Revenue, Inheritance Tax Division v. The Supervised Estate of John  A. … [Read more...]

Sun, Solar Panels & Sales Tax: Indiana Department of Revenue Rules on Application of Industrial Production Exemption to Solar Energy Plant

On July 27, 2012, the Indiana Department of Revenue ruled on the application of the industrial sales tax exemption to equipment intended to be used within or incorporated into a Solar Energy Plant.  The Taxpayer (Solar Farm) proposed to develop, construct and install a solar plant to be used to generate … [Read more...]

Ten Rule Changes on Deck: Indiana Board of Tax Review’s new procedural rules for property tax appeals will become effective August 31, 2012

The Indiana Board of Tax Review states on its website, “The IBTR’s proposed amendments to 52 IAC 1, 52 IAC 2, and 52 IAC 3 will become effective Friday, August 31, 2012.”  See (last visited August 26, 2012).  Here are ten of the changes that will become … [Read more...]

Indiana Board of Tax Review modifies Form 131 property tax appeal petition

The Indiana Board of Tax Review this month has modified its Form 131 appeal petition - the petition used to appeal a property tax assessment determination by the local County Board (the Property Tax Assessment Board of Appeals or PTABOA).  See  According to the Indiana … [Read more...]